say cheese

I just can't say enough good things about cheese. Italian cheese, that is.
That's Ricotta and Brie and it kind of makes for a party in mi boca. That's Spanish by the way.

That's all.


a small tour of Firenze

So this is where I live now. I still can't understand a word of Italian (except the easy ones) and while I'm trying to learn the language, I can't get past how embarrassing it is to try to pronounce things. So, instead of screaming out words like Italians do, I just mumble things and walk away smiling. "hmmmyes gracie mille ciao mmmhhh". Or, if the situation gets too uncomfortable, I just stick a spoonful of gelato in my mouth and then I have an excuse not to talk. Speaking of gelato, my roomate Laura told me that gelato prices are going to drop when it starts getting colder in Florence. Life is good. Oh and I don't care if people think ice cream should only be eaten in hot weather. It's good in any kind of weather. 

Fun fact: have you ever fallen on your ass but with your legs crossed, almost as if you'd been sitting down the whole time? I didn't think so. 



first impressions - prime impressioni

What can I say about Italy? It's pretty much like in the movies. Except for a few things they don't tell you.
+ did you know that real carbonara isn't actually made with heavy cream? whaaaat. Yeah, wasn't a fan.
+ I'm living in a gorgeous, dream apartment with exceptionally cool roommates (#thankgod)
+ If you come here, get used to having men calling you out on the street. Some people get offended, I find it pretty funny. But maybe that's because I don't understand what they're saying.
+ Italian girls take their fashion pretty seriously.
+ I have this cute old neighbor who befriends pigeons and who lets them inside his house. #wtf
+ Bartenders are very generous giving out champagne to foreign girls. Woop woop.
+ Still haven't tried real Italian pizza. Is that weird?
+ I did, however, try gelato. Two or three times. Or eight, I don't know hmmwhat. At 2.50 euros for two huge scoops, can ya blame me?
+ Contrary to popular belief, Italian men aren't as handsome as you'd think. At least not around where I live!
+ Mosquitoes. Whoa whoa. This is honestly worse than Africa (minus malaria obviously). But damn, they really will stop someone from sleeping.
+ The Duomo (which serves as a point of reference for me) is the most gigantic piece of architecture I have ever seen in my life. I was walking around (lost, probably) looking at all the Fiats and Vespas (yes, it's that cliche) parked in the street and when I look to my  right I swear I thought it was Godzilla.
+ You won't go a block without seeing people selling things in the street in little tents. They have everything. Sunglasses, iPhone cases, scarfs, bags, wallets, jewelry etc. Or should I call it, a gunshot to your bank account?
+ 1 euro stores. Now that's what I'm talkin' bout. Those are also so evil.
+ Prosciutto. 
                          Enough said.

(best Pesto in the world duh.)

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