Absolutely Guilt-Free Black Bean Brownies

And I say "absolutely" because there is nothing you can possibly feel guilty about when eating these brownies. Fat-free / Sugar-free. It's a chocolate dream come true. 

The ingredients:

 // 1 cup cocoa powder
 // 3/4 cup black of beans (make sure you rinse them thoroughly!)
 // 1.4 cup oats 
 // 1 egg (I added a little more egg whites until the consistency was right)
 // 4 tablespoons of Greek yogurt (optional BUT makes it creamier so think about that)
 // 2 tablespoons of fiber powder (I use Metamucil because it's good for your digestive system)
 // and then the sugar: I go with Equal (3 tablespoons will do it) but you can use Agave syrup, Raw sugar or even regular sugar. Since these brownies are supposed to be healthy and guilt-free, I tried to stay away from flour/sugar but do as you please! They'll still be healthy, no judgement here!

The instructions:

The cool thing about these brownies is that they're the easiest thing to make. First preheat your oven to 350°F. After, you're going to blend the oats in a food processor until they look like flour. Once you've done so, just mix the rest of the ingredients together without forgetting to add the 'oat flour'. Grease a pan of your choosing with oil (I like to use Pam) and evenly distribute the batter into it.
Cook for 20-25 mins until the top of the brownie is dry and the edges start to pull away from the sides. If you're not sure, use a toothpick and poke the brownie with it, if it comes out with a little brownie batter it's okay, you still want the brownies to be gooey inside!
You can let them cool but if you're a little pig like me, eat them, just eat them. 


say cheese

I just can't say enough good things about cheese. Italian cheese, that is.
That's Ricotta and Brie and it kind of makes for a party in mi boca. That's Spanish by the way.

That's all.


a small tour of Firenze

So this is where I live now. I still can't understand a word of Italian (except the easy ones) and while I'm trying to learn the language, I can't get past how embarrassing it is to try to pronounce things. So, instead of screaming out words like Italians do, I just mumble things and walk away smiling. "hmmmyes gracie mille ciao mmmhhh". Or, if the situation gets too uncomfortable, I just stick a spoonful of gelato in my mouth and then I have an excuse not to talk. Speaking of gelato, my roomate Laura told me that gelato prices are going to drop when it starts getting colder in Florence. Life is good. Oh and I don't care if people think ice cream should only be eaten in hot weather. It's good in any kind of weather. 

Fun fact: have you ever fallen on your ass but with your legs crossed, almost as if you'd been sitting down the whole time? I didn't think so.