a small tour of Firenze

So this is where I live now. I still can't understand a word of Italian (except the easy ones) and while I'm trying to learn the language, I can't get past how embarrassing it is to try to pronounce things. So, instead of screaming out words like Italians do, I just mumble things and walk away smiling. "hmmmyes gracie mille ciao mmmhhh". Or, if the situation gets too uncomfortable, I just stick a spoonful of gelato in my mouth and then I have an excuse not to talk. Speaking of gelato, my roomate Laura told me that gelato prices are going to drop when it starts getting colder in Florence. Life is good. Oh and I don't care if people think ice cream should only be eaten in hot weather. It's good in any kind of weather. 

Fun fact: have you ever fallen on your ass but with your legs crossed, almost as if you'd been sitting down the whole time? I didn't think so. 


isa said...

Reconheço o seu estilo. Até que enfim!
Mais detalhes, please........

naoH said...

OMD ca a lair tellement cool que j'ai envie de m'enfoncer la tete dans un mur, YOLO fo sho mofo, je vais absolument venir te voir et tuer un de tes roomates and steal their identity WADUP

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