first impressions - prime impressioni

What can I say about Italy? It's pretty much like in the movies. Except for a few things they don't tell you.
+ did you know that real carbonara isn't actually made with heavy cream? whaaaat. Yeah, wasn't a fan.
+ I'm living in a gorgeous, dream apartment with exceptionally cool roommates (#thankgod)
+ If you come here, get used to having men calling you out on the street. Some people get offended, I find it pretty funny. But maybe that's because I don't understand what they're saying.
+ Italian girls take their fashion pretty seriously.
+ I have this cute old neighbor who befriends pigeons and who lets them inside his house. #wtf
+ Bartenders are very generous giving out champagne to foreign girls. Woop woop.
+ Still haven't tried real Italian pizza. Is that weird?
+ I did, however, try gelato. Two or three times. Or eight, I don't know hmmwhat. At 2.50 euros for two huge scoops, can ya blame me?
+ Contrary to popular belief, Italian men aren't as handsome as you'd think. At least not around where I live!
+ Mosquitoes. Whoa whoa. This is honestly worse than Africa (minus malaria obviously). But damn, they really will stop someone from sleeping.
+ The Duomo (which serves as a point of reference for me) is the most gigantic piece of architecture I have ever seen in my life. I was walking around (lost, probably) looking at all the Fiats and Vespas (yes, it's that cliche) parked in the street and when I look to my  right I swear I thought it was Godzilla.
+ You won't go a block without seeing people selling things in the street in little tents. They have everything. Sunglasses, iPhone cases, scarfs, bags, wallets, jewelry etc. Or should I call it, a gunshot to your bank account?
+ 1 euro stores. Now that's what I'm talkin' bout. Those are also so evil.
+ Prosciutto. 
                          Enough said.

(best Pesto in the world duh.)


Magdalena Paulino said...

I am so glad you are back! I have always had a platonic love affair with Italy, but I have never been.


isa said...

Como a outra, estou contente que esteja de volta! As fotografias estão giras, o texto também, mas queremos mais detalhes!

naodor said...



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